Voice of an EA – Sumanth

At Chegg, there is less work pressure. We can work at our own pace and time. This kind of freedom is not common elsewhere… I receive all levels of questions related to my subject. The questions are very application-oriented… I can boldly say that I have seen a hyperbolic growth in my life after joining Chegg. I grew financially…
– Sumanth, EA (Electrical)

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Voice of an EA – Keerthi

Chegg is a treasure for the talented. Chegg values knowledge rather than superficial professionalism… The level of education at Chegg is of international standard and the questions we receive pertain to different levels… Chegg helped me build my knowledge, as the textbooks go in-depth and are very application-oriented…
– Keerthi, EA (Electrical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Rama Rao

As an Expert Answerer, I spend most of my time on TBS and Q&A. With Chegg, I find working very convenient as I have the freedom to work from any corner and any time. Chegg site is open 24/7 and I can work at any time of the day… Chegg makes me a master of all subjects related to my stream. Here, I get to answer questions from every subject related to my stream… With Chegg Q&A, timings are not fixed. I can work anytime of the day. I can also take care of other priorities at home like taking care of my parents, meeting my friends, and going out for a movie…
– Rama Rao, EA (Computer Science)

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Voice of an EA – Lalitha

When I started working for Chegg, I discontinued searching for other jobs, and started depending solely on Chegg… At Chegg, I can work at leisure without any pressure… The earnings at Chegg made me more independent and much more confident… Chegg gives me an opportunity to have exposure to international textbooks and thus expand my knowledge. I am greatly indebted to Chegg!!!
– Lalitha, EA (Electrical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Bharathi

Chegg is very convenient. I can balance my home and my work very well. I can work with less pressure and at my convenience and pace… I am also able to balance my personal and professional life… Chegg drives me to dust my good old college books and thus refresh my basics… Chegg also helped me improve my computer skills and gave me exposure to a number of software…
– Bharathi, EA (Physics)

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Voice of an EA – Bhaskar

I never felt that working for Chegg was a hindrance to my regular activities… The effort was the same, but working for Chegg gave me more satisfaction… It is addictive. One of the reasons is good earnings, but the main reason is Chegg provides a platform to learn something new every day… You get and assured income, at the same time get the enjoyment of answering questions from your favorite subject… steady workflow as an EA at Chegg makes you rich…
– Bhaskar, EA (Mathematics)

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