Best Teachers always remain Students

Once you stop learning, you start dying“, is one of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes.

It’s true, when we stop learning, we are in a dearth of knowledge, and eventually we stop growing intellectually. After graduation, we sub-consciously feel like we are done with our formal education and it’s time to move on in life. This is a misconception.

Learning is an ongoing process and is very critical in life.  Great men in history were lifetime students. Pursuit of learning will certainly reward us greatly.


The more I live, the more I learn.
The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.

–Michel Legrand–

However, to hone our subject knowledge, we should come out of our comfort zone and place ourselves on a challenging ground.  Chegg offers a position of EA (Expert Answerer), and provides an arena where international students, voracious to learn the subject, challenge us with tough subject questions. Interacting with such students and trying to crack difficult questions, allows us to brainstorm, explore more, and learn the subject. Thus, it is a great opportunity to sharpen our skills and broaden our horizons.

Moreover, solving problems at Chegg is monetarily rewarding. The more problems we solve, the more we earn. The best teachers are lifelong students – and that should motivate us to keep learning as we teach.

Come, join the ranks of 6000+ experts already helping students around the world.
Start working with Chegg! We put Students first!


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