Voice of an EA – Priyanka Verma

Voice of an EA – Priyanka Verma… in conversation with John Sundar

Joining Chegg as an EA is the BEST THING that ever happened in my life… Chegg allows me to take care of my family, handle household chores, and thus become a confident lady… taking up the job as an EA is the best decision of my life… Chegg makes me think BIG… Solving tough subject questions at Chegg has become a JUNOON of my life… Earning is one thing, but being rewarded for what you did tops everything… For moms who wish to work from the comfort of their home, being EA at Chegg is the best opportunity.

 Who were your previous employers? Describe your life prior to joining Chegg.

I have a rich experience working for big companies like L&T, Kotak, Capgemini, TCS, and Infosys. Infosys was my last employer. Though I was handsomely paid, I was not really happy because I was depriving my little daughter of parental care. My Husband, Mr. Prashant, who works for the Indian Navy, was in Mumbai and often goes sailing. I used to work from Pune. We were so busy professionally that we hardly could spend time with our daughter. So, we took this tough decision of sending our daughter to our hometown, Ujjain. Every second weekend, I used to travel to Ujjain to spend time with her.

The companies I worked for are the top most companies that any IT Engineer would dream to work for, but I felt void in life. I was a quality associate. I used to spend eight hours a day documenting and communicating with the clients. Sometimes, I used to stretch up to 2:30AM and work more. Even though I spent those extra hours, I only got what was defined. “Jitna karega, utna payega!” [Smiles].

Now, when my husband got a base appointment, we brought our daughter back home. However, the situation was not completely solved. I requested my employer to give me an opportunity to work from home and I got the permission. Even from home, I was required to be available to my managers anytime they would ping me. So, things, though a bit easy were not that easy.

Unfortunately, our client (Harley Davidson) was very particular about confidentiality and did not permit us to work from home and from a different VPN. So, things did not work too well. Hence, when my husband was transferred to Vizag, I resigned my job and dedicated to devote my time to the little one.


How were you introduced to Chegg?

I was introduced to Chegg by my colleague at Infosys. She was already working for Chegg. Her husband was also a Naval Officer. When she explained me about EA position at Chegg, I was so excited that I contacted Chegg immediately. I cleared the test and I got the appointment letter. Joining Chegg as an EA (External Answerer) is the BEST THING that ever happened in my life.




You are a mother of a six-year-old, and also working for Chegg from home – Could you describe how Chegg made your life easy?

This is the best part working with Chegg. Chegg allows me to spend ample time with my family. My husband and daughter relish the food I cook. I spend quality time answering questions on Chegg Q&A Board. Chegg gets nothing less from me either. I give my best while answering questions. This is the best way of working.

Chegg allows me to take care of my family, handle household chores, and thus become a confident lady. I believe that a lady, who is self-reliant, has sheer confidence. I am so happy about it.


How do you balance your personal and professional life now?

I was able to balance my personal and professional life very well. I know of mothers who did exceptionally well in their professional lives but at the cost of their personal lives.

I wake up early in the morning and work on solutions till 7 am. My dedication on time keeps fluctuating. My target is to complete 230 questions a month. The target I set is ten questions a day and I make sure to complete them before going to bed.

I am very fond of playing outdoor games. In the afternoon, if there is traffic, I work else I go out and play games. I spend time playing with my daughter. I play squash and go to park. Then, I indulge in the kitchen work and get back to work.

With my prior employers, I found it difficult to balance my personal and professional life. Hence, I can conclude that taking up the job as an EA is the best decision of my life.

At Chegg, we deal with subject knowledge – Has Chegg helped you expand your thinking and improve your subject?

Yes! Chegg has expanded my ability to think. I don’t mind spending extra effort and time to refer to resources in order to solve a difficult question and deliver a quality answer. At some point, I even started to appreciate myself after solving a tough question. I never thought I would solve such difficult questions. I prepared for IIT – JEE in the past. I keep telling my husband, if I had the same kind of thought process, I would have definitely cracked IIT. Chegg makes me think BIG.

Chegg makes me.pngThree months ago, I got a question – A cylinder was placed on an inclined plane, and it asked to calculate the current to prevent the cylinder from falling down. It was quite challenging. In Hindi, we call it JUNOON (passion/madness). Solving tough subject questions at Chegg has become a JUNOON of my life. I’ve put all my thought into it and finally solved it. The student marked it correct and gave me a thumbs-up. I am glad that none of my efforts have gone vain. It makes me feel great. Earning is one thing, but being rewarded for what you did tops everything. It makes me feel special and great.

Currently, I am solving General Physics questions. At the same time, I am also studying Advanced level physics. Once I am confident with the topics, I will certainly solve advance level questions. For me, quality answering is very important.




If you were asked to share your most memorable moment with Chegg, what would that be?

It was in December, when Chegg offered to pay thrice the amount for answering one question, I solved the maximum number of questions and it was the most memorable moment. [Smiles]

We live in Dolphin hills. The location is beautiful and invites sleep…. Despite the tranquil settings, I couldn’t suppress my zeal of answering as many questions as possible in the season. I used to wake up at night and solve as many questions as I could. I’ve set 10 questions per day as my deadline, apart from other priorities. I never compromised on quality and I solved 250 questions. Despite that, I earned a lot.

Did you find our first newsletter helpful? If yes, in what way?

After reading the first newsletter, I was very much inspired and I thought I needed a tremendous change in my working process and time management, in order to increase my targets for the month. From next month, my little one will be going to school and then I will have a different time schedule to achieve bigger targets.

Would you recommend your friends to join Chegg?

Yes. I did recommend in the past. I would certainly recommend Chegg to those who are good at delivering quality solutions. For moms who wish to work from the comfort of their home, being EA at Chegg is the best opportunity.



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