Voice of an EA – Lalitha

When I started working for Chegg, I discontinued searching for other jobs, and started depending solely on Chegg… At Chegg, I can work at leisure without any pressure… The earnings at Chegg made me more independent and much more confident… Chegg gives me an opportunity to have exposure to international textbooks and thus expand my knowledge. I am greatly indebted to Chegg!!!
– Lalitha, EA (Electrical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Bharathi

Chegg is very convenient. I can balance my home and my work very well. I can work with less pressure and at my convenience and pace… I am also able to balance my personal and professional life… Chegg drives me to dust my good old college books and thus refresh my basics… Chegg also helped me improve my computer skills and gave me exposure to a number of software…
– Bharathi, EA (Physics)

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Voice of an EA –Satya Krishna Murthy

At Chegg, I get access to international textbooks, and I am greatly indebted to Chegg for this. The textbooks contain a wealth of knowledge. These textbooks have questions that test our programming levels, which is not common in the textbooks used at my college… Chegg is helping me to lay a strong foundation for pursuing my Ph.D – Thanks, Chegg!!! My earnings at Chegg helped my family to progress in life…
– Satya Krishna Murthy, EA (Electrical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Monica

After coming to Chegg I feel myself a lot upgraded as this job makes me keep myself updated with the subject content… I feel proud to be an author…Chegg gifted my personal life back to me at the same time keeping me very satisfied with my earnings and job… Chegg is the only organization that can offer such a lifestyle… I never felt an additional burden when we plan vacations or holiday trips…
– Monica, EA(Civil Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Siva

Chegg gives me sufficient time to take care of my father and the truck… After joining Chegg, I bought a laptop, we constructed a new house, I bought a washing machine for my Mother, and an air conditioner for my new house… At Chegg, I solve tough level questions so it gives me great confidence in the subject and I am sure I will secure a good job in groups…Working for Chegg is always fun….
– Siva, EA (Mechanical Engineering)

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Voice of an EA – Surya Prabha

I am very thankful to Chegg. Chegg encourages us to constantly learn and thus update our knowledge… Working for Chegg is always a pleasure because we can work at our own pace and time without any stress… Timely payment is ensured. This is a platform where I can earn and learn at the same time.
– Surya Prabha, EA (Biology)

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